Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fact Finding Report - Cap and Trade to prosperity?

Yesterday, I completed my Project #4, Fact Finding Report, from 'Speaking to Inform Series' manual. Title of the speech was - 'Cap and Trade' to prosperity? 

Here is the powerpoint used during the speech.

Some of the feedback received after the speech:

1) Should have explained 'Cap' means 'limit'
2) Conclusion should have been strong
3) Opening was strong but the tone faded towards the end
4) Rushed while explaining various factors

Two great questions came up during Q and A:

1) Who will determine the limit and how are they set?
2) What is the motivation for companies to earn credits or go lower than their cap?

Thanks to all for great inputs!

I also completed my AC-B today! Another milestone in TM!

Other speeches in the meeting were how and why to use of LinkidIn from George Marshall and an inspiring speech from Dr. Margaret Chan on why we should go "extra" mile to achieve goals we care so much by giving it "extra priority", doing "extra planning" with "extra passion". It is really great experience to be a part of Star Search club and listen to these type of speeches from Dr. Chan.


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